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Diabotical Mapping Contest!

Announcing the Season 1 Mapping Contest

Mapping Contest


Mappers, it’s time to put your skills to the test!

Announcing the Season 1 Mapping Contest, your first chance to have a major influence in the maps available to be played for season 2. We’re handing out a grand total of $30,000 in prizes to be awarded for 3 different mapping contests! We have one contest for duel maps, one contest for 4 versus 4 team maps, and another for time trial maps.

You have until November 15th to get your initial submissions in! After that point, we’ll pick the top 10 from each category to move on to the final round, where based on our feedback, you’ll have until December 15th to finalize your map for submission. We’re paying out for the top 5 maps in each category, with some bonus awards as well. The best maps will make their way into the game for season 2!

Full details, including rules, prize breakdown, points distribution and more, available in the official mapping rules. And, be sure to join the Diabotical Mapping Discord for submissions and discussion related to all things Diabotical Mapping.



4 versus 4 team maps? What does that mean?

When we say 4 versus 4 team maps, we’re talking about a map in (almost) any mode you can think of suitable for two teams of four. It could be Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, MacGuffin, or Freeze Tag. Yes, Freeze Tag.

Freeze Tag?

Yes, Freeze Tag! Freeze Tag is available in the custom game options for you to test out your maps.

Can I enter all 3 contests? Can we work in teams? Are you really adding Freeze Tag?

Yes, yes, and yes.

I want money. How do I make maps?

Using the ingame map editor! Tons of resources to learn how to use the ingame map editor are available on Liquipedia or discuss with a whole community of editors on the Diabotical Mapping Discord.

My question wasn’t answered!

If you have any other questions, be sure to head to the Diabotical Mapping Discord.

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