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Diabotical Freestyle Skate Map Updated for Multiplayer

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This is the latest version of the map, sk8_01a, playable in multiplayer via direct connection setting in Data Centers dropdown menu. All players must have the map file in a “maps” folder inside your diabotical folder.

Currently, you need to use a virtual LAN software like zeropoint or hamachi, OR the host needs to open their UDP port 32123. The host types “/lobby_custom_map sk8_01a” (or the name of the map you want to play) in console at custom lobby screen, then adjusts one setting in more settings such as time limit (can set it back after) in order to refresh and load the map to play.

We recommend setting this map to instagib and using race physics for the best experience. Send any suggestions for future updates to the author Blindl1ght. if you don’t know how to slide around on controlled slide surfaces, ask in our discord and we’ll show you.