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Announcing Diabotical District December: 3 Holiday Events!

Happy Holidays from Diabotical District!

We’re taking a break from our usual Amateur League this month and celebrating our 1000 member milestone by hosting some casual holiday events. We’re putting on 3 special events between December 14th and 28th

Here are the details:

12 MODES OF CHRISTMAS – Dec 14th – 25th, 3pm EST / 9pm CEST

Every day until Xmas we’re hosting a pickup match and/or round robin for a different team mode, including custom game modes by community creators. Teams will be balanced by SR. No sign up required, just show up in Discord at the event time. If you are a modder and want to submit your game mode for one of the pickups, you can fill out the team mode question in the signup sheet below or DM a mod at Diabotical District. Custom Modes must be playable 3v3+ to be eligible for this event. We can coordinate collecting feedback from the players if you are looking to test your custom mode.


DUEL SCAVENGER HUNT – Dec 14th – 28th

Embark on a quest to play every duel map in Diabotical! Sign up with the form below and join our discord to be sorted into 4 SR tiers. You will have 2 weeks to play as many duels as you want with the players in your group. The only caveat: Win or lose, you can’t pick the same map more than ONCE!

RULES: The entire duel map pool is open, including official maps and ALL community maps (the good, bad, and the ugly!). There are no bans except for the maps that you or your opponent have played already. You can play the same opponent as many times as you want as long as you don’t repeat maps. If you run out of opponents or maps you are welcome to challenge outside your skill group but no one is obligated to accept a match outside their group. To have your match counted, simply submit a screenshot of the ending stats screens in the score report discord channel. Winning duels is not the main objective, and we will have fun awards for multiple categories such as: an award for playing all the maps, award for longest duel match, most frags in a match, etc. participants are encouraged to stream their matches or request a DD streamer to cover them.

SIGN-UP (open until the 14th!): https://forms.gle/a8pGS5nhESTDoD5z8


10-SECOND DUEL KING OF THE HILL – Monday December 28th 8pm CEST (EU) and 8pm EST (NA)

This event is limited to sentinel 5 (1810) and BELOW

Who can topple the king of Amateur speed duels?

RULES: Participants will be sorted by SR from lowest to highest and the two lowest SR players will play a best of 3 10-second duel (instant golden frag). The winner is the current king and will be challenged by the next player on the list for another best of 3 (king picks 1 map, challenger picks 2 maps). Losers can rejoin the list and try again on the next rotation until the event is over and we crown the true king of the hill. map pool TBA!

We will also give out Scavenger Hunt awards during this event.

All events will be streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/diaboticaldistrict