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Amateur Duel League Registration Opens Jan 5th

The first Amateur Duel League of 2021 starts on January 10th! You can sign up for EU or NA at the links below between January 5th and 11:59pm EST/CEST on the 9th.

EU Sign-up

NA Sign-up


Sign up on the Toornament website, Connect to Diabotical District Discord , Be available to schedule 7 matches over 2 weeks and participate in the saturday/sunday finals if qualified.


Players will be split into four divisions based on their skill rating. The 8 highest rated players will form “Division 1”, the next 8 highest rated players will form “Division 2” and so on.

Players will play everyone in their group once. Players with the highest scores from each Division will qualify for the Finals stage. The exact breakdown is:

  • Division 1 qualifies 6 players (seeds 1 – 6)
  • Division 2 qualifies 4 players (seeds 7 – 10)
  • Division 3 qualifies 4 players (seeds 11 – 14)
  • Division 4 qualifies 2 players (seeds 15 – 16)

The Finals stage will be played on a Saturday and Sunday near the end of the month. If you are not going to be available for the weekend finals please do not sign up for the league


Applicants must complete their 10 duel placement matches to obtain a duel rank. Only the lower 6 ranks are permitted to apply to the league.

Explorer| Artisan| Scout| Hunter| Tactician| Sentinel

** If you have ever been a vindicator in any season, you are not eligible for this league. We suggest join the Dash Bracket or Duelhalla events instead**