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March Duel League Registration is Open!

get ready to rumble!


Registration – March 5th – 12th

Stage 1 round robin matches – March 12th – 26th (self-scheduled in discord)

Stage 2 finals tournament – March 27th – 28th (for qualified players, veterans ineligable)

Stage 3 Veterans and Champs King of the Hill invitational – April 3rd (for vets group and stage 2 participants)


  1. click the link to sign up for your home region: NA SIGN UPS EU SIGN UPS

2. Join Diabotical District Discord (required!), where you will receive your amateur discord role by the 12th

3. check the League channels in Discord for instructions


A league primarily for New and Intermediate Diabotical players ranked Sentinel and below, but Diabotical District veterans are welcome as well. There is no prize pool, only the opportunity to improve and test your skill.

Diabotical District is a friendly and helpful arena shooter community striving to bring fresh players to the game and help new players learn.

The league is designed primarily for fun, but it’s also a great way to learn and track your progress.

Further details and league management can be obtained from the Diabotical District Discord


When you join, you agree to this. It boils down to: treat your opponents with respect. treat yourself with respect. treat the game with respect. this is not just about our community values. following this code will develop your sportsmanship and improve your game. we are here to challenge each other and help each other improve. if you cant beat someones pick or their playstyle that means you have to work harder to improve. do not trashtalk them for your own limitations. help each other and push each other to improve. have respect for your opponents, and if you are streaming your matches, encourage your chats to have respect for them as well. toxicity will receive a warning and removal from the league if it continues.