Sign up on the Toornament website, Connect to Diabotical District Discord , Be available to schedule 7 matches over 2 weeks and participate in the saturday/sunday finals if qualified.


Players will be split into four Division based on their skill rating. The 8 highest rated players will form “Division 1”, the next 8 highest rated players will form “Division 2” and so on.

Players will play everyone in their group once. Players with the highest scores from each group will qualify for the Finals stage. The exact breakdown is:

  • Division 1 qualifies 6 players (seeds 1 – 6)
  • Division 2 qualifies 4 players (seeds 7 – 10)
  • Division 3 qualifies 4 players (seeds 11 – 14)
  • Division 4 qualifies 2 players (seeds 15 – 16)

The Finals stage will be played on a Saturday and Sunday near the end of the month. If you are not going to be available for the weekend finals please do not sign up for the league.


Applicants must complete their 10 duel placement matches to obtain a duel rank. Only the lower 6 ranks are permitted to apply to the league.

Explorer| Artisan| Scout| Hunter| Tactician| Sentinel


League Matches Stage will take 14 days to complete with each player recommended to schedule 4 games the first week, and 3 games the second week. Players must organise with their opponents in league text chat on Discord to keep a record of agreements. There will be a scheduling time-slot spreadsheet to help scheduling between players. Matches booked during PRIME TIME on the schedule sheet will be streamed live on community Twitch channels.

Group matches can be played off stream if necessary but it is advised to tag @streamer when you schedule a match. This will allow you to get a VOD with commentary, which can be helpful for your own review or with a coach.


All matches except the grand finals are played best of 3 maps. The higher seeded player is the player with the higher skill rating during the League Matches stage or the highest initial seed during the Finals stage.

The maps picks shall go as follows:

  • Higher seed picks a map (first map of the match)
  • Lower seed picks a map (second map of the match)
  • Lower seed removes a map
  • Higher seed removes a map
  • Last map remaining is the tiebreaker map of the match

The grand finals are played best of 5. The higher seed picks the first map. The player who loses the previous map will pick the next map.


Bioplant| Skybreak| Kasbah| Perilous| Frontier


Once players are accepted and have been given the League Amateur role in discord, players must check in on the league text channel on discord 24 hours first Sunday of the league in order to secure their spot. If a player doesn’t check in and doesn’t respond to a mod’s DM, they will be substituted for the first person on the waitlist who checks in on discord.