Duel League


A league primarily for New and Intermediate Diabotical players ranked Sentinel and below, but Diabotical District veterans are welcome as well. There is no prize pool, only the opportunity to improve and test your skill.

Diabotical District is a friendly and helpful arena shooter community striving to bring fresh players to the game and help new players learn.

The league is designed primarily for fun, but it’s also a great way to learn and track your progress.

Further details and league management can be obtained from the Diabotical District Discord.


STRUCTUREThe league is structured into 2 parts: AMATEURS & VETERANS 

AMATEURS: Explorer | Artisan | Scout | Hunter | Tactician | Sentinel

VETERANS: Anyone who has reached Vindicator or higher in any season. 

AMATEURS are put into groups based on their SR in such a way to put players of similar SR into the same group to minimize the skill difference in each group and hence produce more even matches. 

VETERANS are put into their own group. So please complete your 10 duel placement matches to obtain a duel rank.

It boils down to this: treat your opponents with respect. treat yourself with respect. treat the game with respect.

This is not just about our community values. following this code will develop your sportsmanship and improve your game. we are here to challenge each other and help each other improve. if you cant beat someones pick or their playstyle that means you have to work harder to improve. do not trashtalk them for your own limitations. help each other and push each other to improve. have respect for your opponents and if you are streaming your matches, encourage your chats to have respect for them as well. toxicity will receive a warning and removal from the league if it continues. 
FORMATThe league consists of 2 stages:
GROUP STAGE: Single-round robin groups
FINAL STAGE: Double elimination bracket 

The cutoffs determining who will qualify to the FINAL STAGE will be announced once the groups are determined. 
DURATIONThe NA League registration opens on the 5th of each month, with the league matches commencing 7 days later.

The GROUP STAGE will take 14 days to complete with each player recommended to schedule 4 games the first week, and 3 games the second week. There will be a scheduling time slot spreadsheet to help scheduling between players.

Matches booked during PRIME TIME (6PM – 11PM (CET for EU or EST for NA)) on the schedule sheet will be streamed live on community Twitch channels. 

Group matches can be played off stream if necessary, but it is advised to tag @streamer when you schedule a match. This will allow you to get a VOD with commentary, which can be helpful for your own review or with a coach. 
The FINAL STAGE will be played on the Saturday and Sunday following the 2 week stage 1.
CHECK INOnce players are accepted and have been given the Amateur role for their region in discord, players must check in on the League channel on discord before the registration ends to secure their spot. If a player doesn’t check in and doesn’t respond to a mod’s DM, they will be substituted for the first person on the waitlist who checks in on discord. 
MAP POOLSeason 2: Amberfall | Bioplant | Kasbah | Monolith | Overgrowth | Raya | Skybreak 
MAP PICKSAll matches except the grand finals are played best of 3 maps. The higher seeded player is the player with the higher skill rating during the league stage or the highest initial seed during the playoff stage.  
The maps picks shall go as follows:
•             Higher seed bans a map
•             Lower seed bans a map
•             Lower seed picks a map
•             Higher seed picks a map
•             Higher seed bans a map
•             Lower seed bans a map
•             Last map remaining is the tiebreaker map of the match 

The grand finals are played best of 5. The higher seed picks the first map. The player who loses the previous map will pick the next map. 
RESULTS At least one player should report the results and post screenshots via the chatbot in the #Match-Reports channel in Discord. Do not report a forfeit without consulting a mod first. If there is a dispute, stop playing and consult a mod immediately. Players who have not tried to schedule their matches will be forfeited or substituted at the mod’s discretion. We will always notify you via DM before we forfeit or substitute you. 
PRIZESYour skill & experience will vastly improve! 
HIGHLIGHTSDemos with annotations of highlights for the league’s frag movie should be put into #league-highlight-clips discord chat channel. These are highly appreciated. You may use eggdevil.gg to share your demo files. Twitch clips and mp4s are acceptable as well. If you want good representation in the movie, then submit lots of clips!


Please fill up this form to register for NA, or this form for EU. If you face any issues or have any questions or feedback you can contact an NA mod or write on Diabotical District Discord at any time.