The community run a free training service with a team of helpful coaches to help new players in various areas of gameplay.

BASICS The essentials of playing an AFPS. Example: “How do I rocket jump”, “How do I switch faster between weapons”, “What do the different items do?”

TECH  – Help with setting up the game or your game hardware.

INTERMEDIATE  – You’re fluent in your movement and the use of weapons and items. How to use those skills to defeat your opponent. Examples: “When is the right time to engage / disengage”, “How do I gain a positional advantage”, “How do I read my enemy’s next move?”

ANALYSIS – Gameplay analysis: VOD review & Live Coaching.

Calling all Newbies! Diabotical District run a regular training event for lower tier ranks. We aim to provide a fun and chilled environment for new players to progress and train together.

Interested in Joining?

head over to our discord server and check the events channel