Config Guides

QCP Keybinding QC

QCP – While the Quake Community is legendary for innovating WASD which is ubiquitous for PC gaming, the community by no means has stopped devising keybindings to give them a competitive edge. This is a review on many of these innovations you’ll see in the community. Some, like descrete

Frothy Keybinding QC

Frothy – Experimenting with nonstandard keybinds in Quake Champions will allow you to perform actions most other players can’t. By replacing the default binds of 6, 7, and 8, we can accelerate the speed of our play to new heights.

Quake Live Basics: Control & Configuration

LephariaGaming – I’m trying to explain the basic controls and configs I use within Quake Live. These are usually the first few steps I teach to newer players and should suffice as a solid basis from which you can further customise.

Table & chair posture

Ron Rambo Kim – How we position the aiming arm directly influences our ability to control the mouse and aim the crosshair. In this video, I talk about the vertical height of the aiming arm and how it’s influenced by a desk and chair.