Timcon Royale (1st closed beta)

TimConLAN – TimCon Royale playlist from the first closed beta:
VOD Matches - phaze vs Luke_ie | Agent vs phaze | Bukster vs Luke_ie | Baksteen vs Gaiia | fire_bot vs_ phaze | Baksteen vs phaze | Agent vs fire_bot (Grand Final)

Juked Duel Cup #1

Juked – Playlist featuring the first ever Diabotical Duel tournament, kicking this off for DBT esports. Sponsored by Juked.gg and Twitch!:
VOD Matches - Necrophag1st vs. hoyt | messik vs. Necrophag1st | Necrophag1st vs. Cypher | Cypher vs. phaze | Necrophag1st vs. phaze | Necrophag1st vs. Cypher

GetCracked! MacGuffin Cup I (full cast)

GetCracked! – The first GetCracked! MacGuffin Cup by conX5

– VODS with commentary –

Duy Mazino Diabotical Duel Commentary

Duy Mazino Phạm – Duy loses but has a good learning experience

Zoot Diabotical Duel Commentary

Zoot – Zoot provides commentary for DDK vs PapaSmurf

Y2Jake Diabotical Duel Placements w/ Commentary

Y2Jake – Commentary on the ups and downs of Diabotical ranked placement matches!

Diabotical Duel -Sky vs Crib (Aussie Elite Tournament, Lower Bracket Final)

You call that an Aussie Elite Tournament, Lower Bracket Final? THIS is an Aussie Elite Tournament, Lower Bracket Final. – With commentary from Phylum

2gcrib duel vod and commentary

2gcrib – Review of duel VODs

Rapha’s Legendary ESL Classics Commentary

“A game like this wouldn’t be as good as it was if it wasn’t for the opponent that was across from me.  So, these games doesn’t mean anything unless the other opponent is as good as you or better.” – rapha