Item timing by phylum

3 tips to improve in Diabotical by Phylum

phy1um – Diabotical is a hard game. I’ve worked hard in the last 2 years to be a stronger player. Today I’m sharing 3 simple things I worked on that made a huge difference to my game. Practice is everything, but if you reflect on these things while you practice I give you the Phylum Guaranteeā„¢

How to Fight Against Each Weapon in Diabotical

4 Seasons Gaming This is our fourth video in our Beginner series for Diabotical covering Weapons and Combat fundamentals.If you are not a beginner to the Arena FPS genre this video might not provide the depth you are after, however we’ll be releasing an intermediate guide in the future!

Basic Timing Guide by Memento Mori

Improving at Quake

rtcwtwister – A little video aimed at advanced duelers aiming to become better. Equally applies to pretty much every game though. English subtitles available.

5 pillars of Quake by Zenaku (aim, position, movement, strategy, timing) 

ZenAku Quake – An introduction for players to better understand what to look out for while playing Quake and Quake Champions. Aim Movement Strategy Position Timing.

The ultimate Quake Live Guide by Yakumo

Quake Duel Theory by DDK

Level Up TV – DDK provides a detailed guide into the theory of duel in Quake.