Diabotical Movement Guide

justnvc – Here’s a rough and ready guide to movement in Diabotical, taken right out of my Twitch stream: – Maybe I’ll do it properly some day, but I hope this helps for the BETA in the meantime. Map and G Meter were made (and are still being worked on) by TauntyArmadillo.
justnvc – Here’s a rough and ready part two guide to half beat strafe jumping in Diabotical

Diabotical Strafejumping in-depth

GroinMischief – I know there’s already like 4 different strafe jump tutorials, but I think there’s a couple unmentioned details which I think can help your understanding of the mechanics.

Strafe Jumping

ba11in41ife – Learn how to strafe jump in Diabotical using the simpler “half beat” technique.

4SG Basic Movement in Diabotical

4 Seasons Gaming – In our second video we’ve gone over the basics for the most relevant movement mechanics in the game. If you are not a beginner to the Arena FPS genre this video might not provide the depth you are after, however we’ll be releasing an intermediate guide in the future!