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Looking to improve at dueling in Diabotical? Master your timing! This is a quick explanation of how to time pickups in Diabotical. Once you’ve got the math down, it’s time to form a route on your favourite map and start to control the game!

Diabotical is known to be similar to Quake, but is it similar to Unreal Tournament? There are many differences but also many similarities! In this video I break down three key components of both games: Movement, Weapons, and Map Control!

Diabotical can seem like it’s a bit crazy at first, but step by step you can follow these tips and start winning! This video is meant for beginners who are new to the arena FPS genre of video games and are looking to improve how to play.

Looking to improve at dueling in Diabotical? Work on your weapon selection! This is a quick explanation of each weapons strengths and weaknesses. Quickly knowing the strategy of when to use each weapon will help you pump out more damage in fights, and choosing the wrong weapon can quickly lead to you doing 0 damage.